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We all want a brighter smile; whether it’s to look good in pictures, or to restore our teeth from the effects of coffee, smoking, or aging. We want to have bright white teeth to look our best. There are many products out there, but the Tujunga teeth whitening solution is laser teeth whitening at Crystal Bright Smile.

Nobody likes having yellow teeth. Whitening your teeth isn’t as difficult and time consuming as it used to be. Now there is an amazing yellow teeth solution with fast teeth whitening from Crystal Bight Smile in Tujunga. Laser teeth whitening has never been as easy, fast, and effective.

By coming in for our revolutionary iBrite treatments, and maintaining upkeep with our take home whitening kit, you will be able to fight the effects of age, sodas, and smoking without worrying about teeth demineralization. Our sessions typically last less than an hour, and usually less than half an hour -- depending on how many shades whiter you want your teeth. Results last from 12 to 18 months. Call or come in today for a professional teeth whitening in Tujunga. You will have a whiter and brighter smile in no time!

Crystal Bright Smile employs trained and certified professionals who safely provide you with instructions so that you may administer the teeth whiting solution. An average session lasts about 20 - 60 minutes including prep time and can deliver up to 8 shades of brightness. While the majority of people will not need more than 3 to 5 shades of whitening which can be accomplished in 15 minutes, you can elect to double or triple your sessions for optimal whitening of up to 8-12 shades. The whitening process is done with the most effective light in the industry "iBright". Our state of the art facility includes the freshest 17% Hydrogen Peroxide "H202" gel and is manufactured in our Da Vinci laboratory in Florida and is OSHA and FDA approved.

Not only do we promise you will like your brighter smile, We guarantee it or your money back.

Professional chairside teeth whitening special $99 dollars. Why pay your dentist $400 or more. State of the art 'ibright' light has no sensitivity and is FDA pattented. Get the Crystal Bright Smile you deserve , smile with confidence. Professional strength maintenance kit also available.


Until now, Teeth Whitening & Demineralization (weakening of the enamel) were synonomous with eachother. Introducing the World's first Teeth Whitening & Remineralization System all packed into one easy to administer kit. The Da Vinci patented formula not only lets you whiten your teeth fast, but now enables you to keep them white without having to worry about the erosion of your enamel.

Tooth enamel is almost entirely composed of calcium phospage. The chemical process of the formation of enamel is called mineralization. Whenever you whiten your teeth, the opposite occurs better known as demineralization. Since teeth whitening is not permanent, you must maintain the whiteness of your teeth by re-applying whitening gels at least a few times each year. This process will cause the erosion of your enamel after just a couple of years.

About 30 (thirty) minutes. Results last 12-18 months. Fresh 16%hydrogen peroxide Da Vinci teeth whitening also featured on FOX TV. Get results everyone will notice. If your not happy with your Crystal Bright Smile, you don’t have to pay.

Carbamide Peroxide vs. Hydrogen Peroxide

The teeth whitening process actually begins after Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down into Water (H2O) and Oxygen (O2). When using Carbamide Peroxide also known as Urea Peroxide, the Carbamide must first turn into Hydrogen Peroxide before it can break down into water and oxygen. Carbamide Peroxide contains the chemical, UREA which acts as a stabilizer and prevents it from breaking down so that it can be packaged and shelved for months at a time and breaks down to approximately 1/3 of its strength when it does occur. (22% Carbamide breaks down to 7% Hydrogen Peroxide). .The breakdown process from Carbamide Peroxide into Hydrogen Peroxide does not fully occur until 4-6 hours of placing it into the mouth and is usually used for Overnight Tray-based Whitening Procedures. For this reason, NO COMPANY should offer Carbamide Peroxide for a Chairside or an Under 60-Minute solution as it will not under any circumstance produce fast results. Beware of companies marketing Carbamide Peroxide for a chairside whitening solution. (Carbamide Peroxide is much less expensive and does not require special licensing to manufacture or purchase). For more information, see teeth whitening clinical trials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feature Crystal Bright Smile Zoom Brite Smile Over the Counter
Speed 15-20 Minutes Results in 3 treatments results in 1 hour 7-10 days
Ease of use very easy dentist appt only self
cost $99 $600-1000 $399-$600 $50-$100
Portability Yes No No No
removal Self Dentist Dentist Self
Availability Walk-In Appointment Appointment Drug Store

Will Teeth Whitening Procedures work on my caps?

Not really. While the use of peroxide might assist with removing surface stains, it will not make the cap, denture, implant or other man-made substance any whiter than it's original color. If you are thinking about having any type of work done, it is always best to whiten your teeth first so that dentist can match those teeth. This way, you can always whiten your teeth to match your dental work; however, you can't whiten your dental work to match your teeth.

I have a false molar, what should I do?

Professional teeth whitening is usually performed on the anterior section of the teeth which are basically the teeth that you see when you smile. Take a look at your teeth when you smile, and if you can see any teeth that are not included in the procedure, then you should ask your whitening professional on ways they can ensure that all the teeth you need to be whitened are treated.

If I have a cavity that needs work, should I get my teeth whitened first?

Always seek the advice of a Dental Professional if you have cavities, toothache, bleeding gums or other related oral problems. You should not have your teeth whitened unless you have healthy teeth and gums. Please remember to always ask your dentist first.

Can you predict how white my teeth will get?

No, only the big guy upstairs will know exactly how white they are going to get, however, we can predict the level of whiteness you will achieve based on your food intake, types of food and drink, whether you smoke or not, how well you maintain your teeth, your age, etc.

Will the light burn my gums?

No. The light source is an LED light operating in the blue/green spectrum. You can physically put this light in front of your mouth for hours and have no harmful reaction to it. The light is a catalyst to the teeth whitening gel and only speeds up the process. It has nothing to do with the level of whiteness you can achieve.

Why do some places advertise it only takes 15 minutes and others say 30 minutes?

Some places that advertise 15 minute treatments are typically seen in shows, fairs and other temporary venues. If you see a permanently located professional teeth whitening center that does not offer the client the opportunity to go for double or even triple sessions, then you're probably looking at a Non-Professional Teeth Whitening Center who is merely capitalizing on a hot trend and is not looking towards the best interests of the client. They probably are not at a Crystal Bright Smile Whitening Center. We train all of our professionals to completely explain the entire process to you and provide you with estimates on the maximum shades of brightness you can achieve in single, double, and triple treatments. You can then decide what treatment is best for you.

Do I really need to use the home whitening maintenance kit if I just had my teeth professionally whitened?

Yes, if you want to maintain your teeth's whiteness after having them professionally whitened, you must utilize a home maintenance whitener. Your teeth are exposed on a daily basis with foods and beverages that will contribute to a dull smile. Unlike other products that require daily use, our home whitening kits do not need to be used more than once or twice per month. In addition to utilizing the home maintenance kits, you may opt for bi-annual professional teeth whitening treatments which will keep your teeth the whitest possible.

I used the home whitening kit and I get sensitivity in my teeth, what can I do?

Discontinue the treatment. Try again in a couple of days, but do not leave the gel on as long. While rare, some people might be too sensitive to the treatment and will need alternative treatments which your dentist can recommend.

How do I know if I am a candidate for professional teeth whitening?

Generally speaking, if you maintain your teeth and gums regularly, do not have Type II Diabetes, do not have heart problems, or are not pregnant or nursing, you most likely are a good candidate for teeth whitening. However, we always recommend that you ask your dentist to ensure that you are a good candidate.

Compare Crystal Bright Smile with Zoom, Brite Smile, and Over the Counter. Save time and money, Save hundreds on professional Chairsaide teeth whitening. Is it safe for me? Sensitivity? Will it damage my current dental work?

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